Brazilian Wax Procedure

All about the Brazilian wax procedure from Tania Rice at Brazilian wax Regina

This is an article about the general Brazilian wax procedure. Although each Waxpert has his or her own technique, you will find that it is pretty similar to this.

Please take the appointment etiquette seriously!

Arrive on time. Use the washroom before arriving at your appointment. “Freshen up” right before your appointment. Email if you have questions or concerns. Females clients only.

If you are bringing a friend for support, let me know.  There is no room divider or privacy so they will see everything.  That’s ok if you have that kind of relationship but I’d like to have a chair waiting for them.What is the best numbing cream for waxing?

You will be greeted at the door and welcomed into the room.  Be prepared to answer a few questions as I take notes on the computer.  You will be asked to remove your pants and underwear and asked to lay down on the bed and to place a towel over top. I do not leave the room.

You will be directed to move into various positions in order for me to reach the all the hair.  By this point, I will hopefully have reassured you that the pain won’t be as bad and will likely explain to you that you are my 4th or 5 th Brazilian that day. This is a great time to ask me questions.  Also, just so you know your labia is normal looking.

I have never been shocked by anyone’s genitalia and I have seen 1000’s. Do you have a ring down there? I can work around it.  Are you 9 months pregnant? No prob.  If your water breaks on the table you pay double, also if you go into to labor please ask your partner to call or email and let me know you won’t make it. Think you will chicken out after the first couple of strips?  That’s fine.  No one ever does.  But if you do you still have to pay me $25 to cover my costs. Check out what you need to know about pre and post prep in this article “Pre/Postcare/FAQ”

You will NOT be asked to get on all 4s. Enough said,

Let’s talk about the bum. You will get your bum waxed.  Everyone does. Why would you leave the hair there and wax everything else? This is included in the price.

I take cash, check or email money transfer. I also charge tax on top of my service price.

If you are satisfied with your wax and feel like I did a good job, please leave a review somewhere on the internet.