Referrals to other estheticians

Dear Valued Clients, 

At this time I am only accepting clients from 9-5 from Monday to Friday.  Because of my family commitments, I am unable to work outside these hours. 

Luckily I have 2 estheticians who have worked to do extra training with me, using the type of wax that I use.  I highly recommend these women to look after my clients outside of my hours or while I am off on vacation. I only recommend estheticians that I trust to look after my clients exactly the same way that I do. 

And if by chance you happen to like them better or find it easier to get into them I won’t be offended I you choose to continue your services with them.

Please visit :

Rylee at The Room- 306-757-7025


Katie at (306) 596-4419


Tania Rice-

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