Brazilian waxing supplies

These are the waxing supplies I love. If you have something to add let me know! #waxing

As one of the top waxers in my area, I am often asked about where I get my supplies.  My wax comes directly from Spa/salon wholesalers.  My everyday supplies usually come from Amazon.  You have to do what you have to do to keep your costs low to stay competitively priced.  This is a list of the items that I use.  A quick note:  I am an Amazon affiliate and may receive commission form some of these sales.  This doesn’t cost you anything but helps support the page.

My must-have Tweezers! Everyone knows that you need an excellent pair of tweezers to catch those stubborn buggers! I have about 12 pairs so I only have to sanitize the group of them at the end of the day! 

My clients always want to buy a pair of tweezers to keep at home. This is a great option!

Every wax room needs a beautiful mirror!

I always keep a variety of post was bump solutions.  Always double check with your clients, before you apply it, as to what they are allergic to! 

One of the ways you can really control your cost is by purchasing your disposables on amazon.

Sanitation is extremely important.  These wipes are great to have on hand. It is cheaper And safer to go to your local janitorial supply company to purchase your 1l sanitation solutions (high-level disinfection solution)

If you lay this down on the front of your cart or around your pots you just have to peel it off for cleaning

A must for client comfort.  Your client will appreciate this!  They will even pay an extra $5 or it can be sold as a retail item. Check out the post on the best numbing creams

Soap.  Because you can never have enough.

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